Have any question?       9851193199    +977 1-4720472      info@nepalsnowjewel.com
Have any question?       9851193199    +977 1-4720472      info@nepalsnowjewel.com

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About Us

Nepal Snow Jewel Travel and Tours Pvt. Ltd.

With a complement of high-tech, swift information technology, highly trained staff, who can cater to the requirements of the most discerning of FIT/GIT clientele. We have close cooperation with the government as well as Tourism expertise.

We are set of a Professional
Teams with expertise

We a set of a professional teams with expertise in doing inbound and outbound tours. We can customize tours as per the requirement of our clients.

We take pride in making dreams come true for our guests with adequate resources at disposal to ensure highly reliable and personalized services. Nepal, a sovereign independent country a wealth of natural resources having amazing extremes to explore. We have the world’s highest Mt.Everest (Chomolongma) towering overpopulated valleys and a forest full of life, flora and fauna, lordly Tigers and one-horned Rhinos.

Tourists can indulge in various interests and activities such as enjoy Trekking, Rafting and kayaking, Wildlife enthusiasts can explore different animals found in our thick jungles of Chitwan. Not only that Poets, Artist, Writer, Scholars and those in search of personal salvation will have an abundant source to keep them inspired.

We wish to establish close cooperation with your esteemed organization and be able to showcase our beautiful motherland with those who want to visit Nepal. We are abundantly showered with our local NewariHindu and Buddhist culture and it can be experienced by tourists coming from different walks of life. We hope to work with you alongside taking care of FIT/GIT tourists. We can even arrange trips for students so they can learn about the culture of one of the popular cultures and the most valued traditions of a part of Asia.

To serve our clients better, we have all kinds of linguistics entrepreneurs, having English, German, French, Japanese, Chinese and other languages Tours &Trekking guides and Sherpa closely working with us.

We have a full-fledged of Trekking & Expedition department with modern well-maintained equipment and experienced Sherpa Trekking guides. We also share a very close working relationship with National as well as International Carriers and have very special deals with all major tourism components. It would be our pleasure to offer you our most competitive quotes if you could choose our package programs or advise us on the details of the itinerary package as per your requirement.